B58 Gen2 Flex Fuel ECA Kit


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Now that Gen2 B58 tuning software supports true CAN-based Flex Fuel tuning, we are offering our own plug and play ECA solution! With these new software features, there is no longer much of a need for Bluetooth ethanol sensors. A CAN-based ethanol sensor, can not only monitor ethanol content, but it will also directly communicate with the DME for full Flex Fuel operation! With a Flex Fuel tune, the DME will automatically adjust the tune from a high-powered E85 map, all the way to a pump gas map, and everything in between. This all happens on the fly, based on the live CAN-communication with our ethanol sensor. Gone are the days of doing math at the gas pump only to decide which map to flash and how many gallons of ethanol to mix!

ZERO cutting and ZERO wire-taps! This kit is fully reversible and truly plug and play. The wiring integrates into the OEM harness and hoses and sensor tuck seamlessly to allow for reinstallation of all OEM sound insulation foam and engine covers. With the ethanol sensor mounting location as close to the injectors as possible, there is virtually zero lag time on the exact ethanol mixture truly entering the combustion chamber.

Don’t be fooled by our extensive and overly detailed, DIY-friendly instruction manual! You can expect this kit to add about 30 minutes to a traditional HPFP install or to take about 1 hour on it’s own, depending on skill-level.

Kit Contents:

  • Zeitronix ECA-CAN Module
  • Custom PTFE Hose Set
  • Dorch Plug-n-Play ECA Harness
  • Genuine Continental Ethanol Sensor
  • Pre-cut Firewall Grommet
  • Mounting Accessories


Kit Fitment:

A90/91 – Toyota Supra
G29 – Z4 M40i

G42/43 – M240i, M240xi
G20/21 – M340i, M340xi
G22/23/26 – M440i, M440xi

G30/31 – 540i, 540xi *
G32 – 640i, 640xi *
G11/12 – 740i, 740xi *
G15/16 – 840i, 840xi
G05 – X5 40i
G06 – X6 40i
G07 – X7 40i

G01 – X3 M40i *
G02 – X4 M40i *

* ONLY GEN2 B58 Equipped Model Years

NOTE: For all customers who already have our ECA hose/sensor sets, we also offer an “electronics only” package to get you updated to a CAN-ECA. This package will also fit nearly any other custom setup that houses a Continental ethanol sensor in a similar engine bay position. Please contact to see if this kit is compatible with your current sensor setup!

Installation Instructions:

Coming Soon!

EU/UK Customers: 

Please contact Pure Turbos EU for our European dealer list or order directly through their website:

  Pure Turbos EU


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Chassis Fitment

Supra/Z4, 2-4 Series, 5-8 Series, X5-X7, X3/X4