B58 Gen1 Lift Kit – Exhaust Camshaft +40%


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After years of setting records with our S55 and N55 “Lift Kit” camshaft products, we’re now releasing our Gen1 B58 “Lift Kit”. This is an absolutely game-changing product for the Gen1 B58 community! This upgrade consists of a BILLET* OEM spec exhaust camshaft with our custom high lift fuel lobe. Since the camshaft profile is OEM spec, this means there’s no need for upgraded valve springs or any special tuning. Install this with your Dorch HPFP and you get 40% MORE fueling capacity beyond our existing HPFP flow!

*Billet machined camshafts are not to be confused with compromised regrinds of the stock camshaft.


DS25-250 HPFP SpecsDS25-250DS25-250 with + 40% Cam Upgrade
Flow Potential Gasoline750whp1000whp
Flow Potential E85550whp770whp
Operating Pressure250 Bar250 Bar


Gen1 B58 engines have two different versions of camshafts depending on build date. These two Gen1 engine versions have been designated as Gen1 and “Gen1.5”. The link below clarifies the 08/2017 build date cutoffs and which engine your vehicle is equipped with. As always if you are unsure on fitment, simply send us an email with your VIN.

Please view B58 Engine compatibility PDF

NOTE: Once you get towards the upper limits of our DS25 HPFP, the B58 fuel system is very much limited by the injectors. In order to see the true benefits of this upgrade, you will need higher flowing injectors.


Kit Fitment:

*Only compatible with Dorch HPFP*

F20/21 – 140i, 140xi
F22/23 – 240i, 240xi
F30/31/34 – 340i, 340xi
F32/33/36 – 440i, 440xi

G30/31 – 540i, 540xi *
G32 – 640i, 640xi *
G11/12 – 740i, 740xi *

G01 – X3 m40i *
G02 – X4 m40i *

* ONLY UP TO 2019 Model Year
KIT NOT COMPATIBLE with 2020+ B58 Vehicles

EU Customers: 

Please contact Pure Turbos EU for our European dealer list or order directly through their website:

   Pure Turbos EU


Gen1 (Pre-08/2017), Gen1.5 (08/2017+)